A COVID19 Relief Program For Chiropractors

Get A Free Month Of Marketing. No Strings Attached.

Just The Facts...

What Is It?

One month of free lead generation for chiropractic practices affected by the COVID-19 shutdown.

What Am I Getting?

You'll receive ALL of the following items at no cost whatsoever.

  • You'll get a custom branded set of landing pages to promote your new patient introductory offer and give your prospects an easy way to book an appointment with you online.

  • You'll get a complete Facebook advertising campaign that will drive qualified local traffic to your landing page. (you only pay the direct ad spend to Facebook.)

  • You'll get a complete Online Sales Dashboard with lead flow & sales stats - so you can see all of your sales stats at a quick glance to know if your campaign and sales efforts are paying off, and how many leads are at each step of the process at any given moment.

  • You'll get a customizable Sales Pipeline app with lead value & status tracking - this is your primary “work area” where you can see the details on each lead in your sales pipeline and quickly access all of their notes and details.

  • You'll get a complete Contact Management CRM with custom fields, tags, & more - so you can quickly call up any lead and instantly see communications, notes, details, contact information, etc. within seconds.

  • You'll get Built-in contact notes & follow up tasks - so you’ll never have to wonder what needs to happen next for each of your leads.

  • You'll get Full 2 way communications (phone, email, text) - so you can instantly communicate with each of your leads and see all previous calls, texts and emails with that person in a single unified “Conversations” window.

  • You'll get a Simple online scheduling with Appointment Manager - your online appointment calendar is setup specifically for the hours and times that you want to make available. No more double-booked appointments! And everyone on your staff can easily see who is coming in and when. Even better… your staff and doctors can see all of the notes for each person so they go into the consults already having the most important details for that person!

  • You’ll get an automated email campaign to remind the leads to book their appointments (if they didn’t at initial sign up)

  • You'll get Automated appointment reminders - so your prospects don’t forget about their appointment with you! This alone will dramatically increase your show up rates.

  • ​You'll get Inbound & outbound call tracking - you will have a dedicated phone number in your app that your sales team can use to make their sales calls - so that you can quickly and easily see when calls are being made to the leads. You’ll finally be able to hold your sales team accountable for the calls that need to be made.

  • ​You'll get a Full featured (and HIPAA compliant) mobile app with outbound calling from a company phone number - so you and your team can access your stats, take inbound calls, follow up with leads, and even make outbound calls from the company phone number, from anywhere in the world. Now no one needs to be chained to a desk (or even a laptop computer) to keep the sales process moving forward. And your sales team isn’t making calls from their personal cell phone numbers.

What the difference between this and other similar programs out there?

(Other than the fact that we're not charging anything for it. :-)

The short answer is booked consults.

We're not just handing over a bunch of leads and hoping for the best.

Following our proven system, our clients are getting anywhere from 37% to 75% of their leads converted into booked appointments on the calendar - without having to make a single call or communication!

This program has one of the highest rates of booked consults of any chiropractic lead generation program out there.

The second difference is that we are not charging a single penny for complete access to the full package of communication and sales tools that you are getting with our HIPAA compliant CRM suite of tools.

There are no limits on calls, texts, leads, users, etc.

Is It Really Free?

You won't pay a single penny for any of our services (everything listed above). No setup fees. No campaign management fees.

No fees for anything.

The only thing you pay for is your direct ad spend that goes to Facebook.

Is this some kind of loan that I'll have to pay back?

No. This is not a loan.

You don't have to pay anything back.

It really is a free month of lead generation marketing.

Do I need anything else to have success with this program?

No. Nothing has been left out. Everything we have to offer is included in this program.

Please understand that we want and need you to be successful with this campaign.

Not only is our reputation as a premier medical marketing agency on the line. But we also know that if we don't deliver an exceptional experience with this free campaign, you probably won't consider us for any future marketing needs.

Are there any contracts or commitments beyond the free month?

No. There are no contracts at all.

You are welcome to take the free month of marketing to help you get your practice back up to speed and then walk away.

All of the leads are yours to keep.

We already know that most of the doctors that we serve with this program are going to walk away at the end of the month.

And that's OK with us.

We truly are just trying to do what we can to help some of the doctors that need it and build a little goodwill with the market that we've been serving for years.

If you have a great experience and want to refer us to a friend or associate, that's great too! ;-)

Can I really just get the fee month of leads and then walk away?


That's exactly what most of the doctors in this program will do.

And that's OK with us.

Why are you doing this?

2 Reasons...

First, we know that most of the chiropractors out there are hurting financially right now & have virtually no money to spend.

You need patients coming in the door.

But you have no money to spend to bring them in.

It's a catch 22, right?

We need a thriving chiropractic industry that is making money and willing to invest in advertising.

Someone has to make that first move and help get the industry jumpstarted again.

We have the potential to do that with this program.

And it should come as no surprise that we would love to help you generate so many new sales and patients in that first month that you choose to continue working with us beyond that.

But just to be clear, there are no contracts and no commitments beyond the first free month.

You can keep all of the leads and walk away at any time.

Second, we need something to do to keep our team busy.

We made the commitment early on in the pandemic to keep paying all of our employees.

So we have the extra capacity to take on some new projects without increasing our overhead.

They might as well be working on something that can make a real difference in the world right now.

Like helping small business medical entrepreneurs like you start treating patients again!

So even if we never gained a single new client from this program, we still "win" as we will have:

A) helped to get the industry jumpstarted,

B) helped a group of doctors get their practices running again,

C) built a little goodwill with the market that we serve, and

D) helped a lot of people all across the country move toward a happier and healthier life, with less pain!

Are there any limitations?

We obviously can't do this for all of the 70k+ chiropractors out there.

So this program is available on a first come, first served basis. And spaces are definitely limited.

We reserve the right to close this offer at any time.

(And we will be closing it relatively soon!)

How can I get more info?

Easy. Just fill out the application form below and you'll be taken to an online calendar where you can set up a call with us to answer any other questions you have and see if this is a good fit for you.

Please note that simply submitting an application does not guarantee you a spot in this program. We need to have a call with you.

This Offer Closes...

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